About nitya infotech

Our Vision

Keeping our customers forefront in Strategy, Leadership and Technological excellence through our committed service in IT and Mobile Sector

Our Mision

Nitya Infotech is a web and mobile service based company established in the year 2009 by Madhavi and Krishna Chirumamilla. We have started with the projects given by our close circle of friends and family. Upon our successful completion and happy customers, we were referred to more customers. Our growth is based on a connected customer base. We are happy to announce that Nitya Infotech has now more than 100 clients as its customer base. We look forward for your continuous support and appreciation in the work we deliver.

From CEOs Desk

We all have dreams, ideas, and imagination about bigger things we want to achieve in our lives but more often than not, our dreams and ideas never come to life. Why? Because thinking about something is completely different than doing something and actually making it happen. We want to give life to your dreams and imaginations!